MIMO Research Group

Real-time MIMO Testbed

Real-time MIMO-OFDM testbed with GNU radio based integrated SDR framework for MAC and PHY research, and rapid prototyping of wireless networks like WLAN, WiMAx, LTE


The combination of MIMO systems with OFDM has emerged as a dominant physical layer technology in recent years. By  making  use  of  multiple  transmit  and  receive  antennas,  MIMO-OFDM  systems  not  only provide robustness against multipath  fading  impairments but also promise  significant  increase  in  the  throughput rates over frequency selective channels. Futhermore with this technology, it is now possible to build  high  data  rate  communication  systems with  reasonable  receiver  complexity.

Because of these advanthes, MIMO-OFDM has been adopted by different wireless standards all over the world including IEEE 802.11n (WLANs), IEEE 802.16e-2005 (WiMAX) and 3rd Generation Partnership Project’s (3GGP) Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Real-time MIMO-OFDM testbed is a research initiative of Iqra University sponsored by ICT R&D FundOur aim is to develop a real-time testbed that can help in the design, analysis and rapid prototyping of future MIMO-OFDM systems.

The aim of research is to develop a flexible, real-time MIMO-OFDM testbed for research and rapid prototyping of wireless systems. Key research areas of focus are

  • MIMO-OFDM physical layer research with main emphasis on developing efficient and robust MIMO detection, channel estimation and synchronization algorithms
  • Development of a GNU radio based integrated SDR framework, for both PHY and MAC, to enable rapid prototyping of MIMO-OFDM systems and network experimentations in real-time
  • Cross-layer designs for co-operative MIMO communication and link adaptation etc.